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255 TomCat

We believe this is destined to become one extremely popular boat. It's a real beauty of a design. We've long since been sold on the stability and comfort of a cat hull and the construction and materials here are top shelf with features such as Diamond Sea Glaze windows and doors, high grade 316 stainless rails, fully equipped hot/cold water galley, stove, shower and marine head.

Employing a modified "V" asymmetrically shaped bottom with broad hard chines on its pontoons, the design of the 255 TomCat hull does away with the tendency to lean outward in hard turns and the wallowing feeling that some cats exhibit at speed. Other advantages to this design include a reduced bow wake and a reduction in the amount of spray ejected out of the tunnel (sneezing) when driving into large waves. You always have a flat, stable, dry ride with the TomCat 255.

Quick and nimble with the stability and ride of a much larger vessel. The TomCat 255 lifts up on plane quickly with very little change in attitude. On step the hull runs clean and dry with its limited bow spray being deflected by hard chines that run all the way forward. In a turn, wash along the sides is deflected by a step in the hull a few inches above the water line. The TomCat 255 runs dry, even in a very hard turn. Stability as one might expect is superb. Even in hard turns at 30+ Knots the boat cuts a clean flat turn with no feeling of slip or complaint from the hull or props.

The Tomcat also features over 45 square feet of self bailing cockpit space with twin 4' insulated fish boxes with macerator pumps in addition to the roomy forward cabin. For those who feel a good fishing day is an important part of any boating excursion the Tomcat won't disappoint. The built in fishboxes and roomy cockpit make trolling a breeze and bottom or still-fishing a joy.

The spacious all weather cabin provides a Queen size plus berth in the bow, (84"X64"). A dinette on the port side with a convertible forward facing seat, that makes into a roomy single berth. A full featured galley complete with hot and cold water and two burner stove. An enclosed head is located on the starboard side just aft of the galley with a Marine head and hot and cold shower. The cabin provides seating for four with 360 degree visibility out the windows at all speeds.

Incredibly stable, roomy and seaworthy, the Tomcat is also quite easily trailered. The amount of room in the pilothouse style cabin makes the rig on a trailer perfectly at home as a self contained camper unit if the owner is so inclined. Making long trips from one launch site to another doesn't have to mean looking for additional accomodations. The spacious all weather pilothouse with an enclosed head and shower, make the 255 Tomcat a very smart trailerable.

Tomcat on board trailer

Why Cat?   Watch this "Cat vs. Mono" video from the Catamaran Manufacturers Group and Wefing's Video Library comparing catamaran and mono-hull boats.

For more information about Tom Cat Boats, call or come see Marc at Wefing's Marine.

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